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One of the safest and most sostainable investments. High returns. Inheritable.



A Low-Risk - High-Return Investment 


Titled plots of one hectare each, within a large BIO-FINCA area

You will become the registered owner of the plot in the country´s Public Property Register. The land is saleable and inheritable.

SIMPLY NATURAL provides infrastructure for your plot: paths, underground irrigation systems, tree planting.

SIMPLY NATURAL manages the finca and ensures worldwide distribution. 





Why does farmland belong in every portfolio?

China has demonstrated it and continues to aggressively buy farmland on both the African and American continent. Simultaneously, billionaires and major investors like Jim Rogers have also jumped on the bandwagon. Why?

It´s a simple logic. The world´s population is increasing and at the same time the proportion of cultivable land disminishes due to different phenomena (desertification, climate change, land sealing, trouble spots, etc). As a result, in order to meet the growing demand for food not only a further increase in productivity is necessary, but also steadily rising rising prices can be expected.

In the last 30 years, farmland has achieved an average annual value increase of 3,5%. Volatility is low, so this facility can be described as largely crash-resistant.

Panama is blessed with a perfect climate and fertile soils. Moreover, the county has a huge water supply and lies outside the hurricane zones. With its location and the Panama Canal, the country is the hub of the entire continent and enjoys the highest level of protection in the event of international crisis.

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Organic farming as a fast-growing market


The rising demand for agricultural production in general has been surpassed over the last few years by the rapidly growing demand for organically produced food.

SIMPLY NATURAL spezialices in the following three top products in PANAMA:

  • Premium Mangos (organic certified), very large, small seed, lots of juicy pulp, no fibers

  • Panama´s Tropical Avocado (organic certified), the superfruit of the future due to its healthy fats

  • Rainforest Lime (organic certified), a large, seedless and juicy lemon, which is part of every cuisine and healthy diet (please inquire about lemon water)

Organic agriculture is a future market with 16% annual growth. Furthermore, organic farms are 35% more profitable than conventional farms.

High-Tech Irrigation: 

Sensors on the trees, drones, wind and weather sensors - every 15 minutes modern irrigation from Israel is readjusted.

Efficient tree cultivation:​

Using a specially developed

grafting process, the trees are prepared for strong growth

and high yield.

Neem tree protective fence:

As a natural protection against pests and other dangers

the Neem tree is grown and used widely on the fincas.

How does the " Finca-In-The-Box"  concept work?

Investing in an organic finca without farming experience? SIMPLY NATURAL´s "Finca-in-the-box" concept is based on two legal acts, which are coordinated with each other.

1. Notarized deed. You will own one (or several) hectares of land. The process of land parcelling and conveyancing is often associated with quite a lot of bureaucrazy, but the company handles it for you. Finally, you have your title deed and be a registered owner in the country´s public register. In fact, buyers can also be foundations or companies (asset protection), even from Europe.

2. Simultaneously, you conclude a management contract for your plot, which lasts at least 15 years. The company creates the infrastructure, locates the underground irrigation, plants the trees, maintains the finca, looks after the crops and leads them to its international distribution network. The company receives 30% of the incomes and pays you 70% of the profits annually.

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Your Choice

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investment location

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Panama is famous not only for its climate and abundance of water.

Above all, the country is a strategically secure investment location. Politically a stable democracy, without its own army, but with the US as its protective power.

Due to its location, it is the economical hub between north, south, east and west.

Additionally, the Panama Canal ensures long-term high revenues for further growth. 


The security of private property is similar to that of the United States.

Your next steps...

We'd love to hear from you

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1 - Diversify your portfolio by acquiring physical farmland in Panamá. Request detailed information and purchase documents. You can also visit the farmland.

2 - You become a registered owner of the property in the public property register. The property is saleable and can be inherited by subsequent generations.

3 - The land is developed and managed entirely by an experienced agro-industrial company.

4 - The organic fruit crops will give you an annual return of up to 18%. Ask for detailed return forecast.

Official inauguration of Simply Natural's largest high-tech greenhouses in Latin America in 2018 in Panama by the Minister of Agriculture

Official promotional video of Simply Natural 
Simple illustration of the profit concept

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